The JB Group contributes to society through our ”IT” business by utilizing our technological capabilities.

CSR action plan

We promise to:

• Comply with laws and regulations and conduct business activities with integrity.

• Contribute to the DX of society with our technological capabilities by taking on the challenges of creating state-of-the-art IT.

• Conduct activities in consideration for society, the environment, and people as a corporate citizen.


CSR activity areas

The JB Group has been active mainly in the following three areas: Activities through business operation, Activities as corporate citizens, and Activities to be abided by corporate ethics / social responsibilities.

Social contribution activities through business operation
・Efforts for SDGs in the total IT service "HARMONIZE" that realizes customers‘ DX
・Eco system and cloud services
・Proposing work style innovation solutions

Social contribution activities being a corporate citizen
・Environmental protection activities
 Participation in ISO14001 activities
 Tree-planting activities (domestic and abroad)
 COOL CHOICE activities
・Disaster area support (Sacred Shrine Forest Project) participation
・Disability assistance project (Kanto Wheelchair Basketball Federation Official Partner)
・Community activities, etc.

Corporate ethics / social responsibility adherence activities
・JB Group internal control policy
・JB Group code of conduct
・JB Group environmental policy
・Social responsibilities
 Increase job opportunities (female, people with disabilities, elderly people)
 Positive-Action Proclamation (Efforts to promote women’s active role in corporations)
 Positive-Off Proclamation (Efforts to achieve a better work-life balance)