Pure Holding Company

JBCC Holdings Inc. (JBCCHD) https://www.jbcchd.co.jp/

Information Solutions(Domestic)

We provide a full range of services related to IT utilization (such as consulting, application development, system development, operation, maintenance, monitoring, and outsourcing).

JBCC Corporation (JBCC) https://www.jbcc.co.jp/

JB Service Corporation (JBS) https://www.jbsvc.co.jp/

Central Information Systems Co., Ltd. (CIS) https://www.cisjp.com/

SOLNET Corporation (SOLNET) https://www.solnet-dot.com/

JB Partner Solution Corporation (JBPS) https://www.jbps.co.jp/

Product Development and Manufacturing

The JB Group develops and markets a variety of solutions, including proprietary and unique software, printing, and cloud services. We also provide optimally customized hardware to meet customer requirements.

JB Advanced Technology Corporation (JBAT) https://www.jbat.co.jp/

Information Solutions(Overseas)

JBCN (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (JBCN) https://www.jbcchd.co.jp/jbcn/

JBCC (Thailand )Co., Ltd. (JBTH) https://www.jbcchd.co.jp/jbth/

Shared Services

We consolidate such staff operations as HR / general affairs, accounting / finance, information systems, and operational services (support / management), avoiding redundancy and aiming for efficient administrative operation within the group.

C&C Business Service Corporation (C&CBS) https://www.ccbs.co.jp/