Initial Phase(1964~)

Developed, manufactured and marketed own brand products, such as Japan's first Kanji processing office computers.

April, 1964 Japan Business Computer Corporation founded.
history_photo01.jpgDeveloped and marketed "TOSBAC-1100D", which set a precedent for microcomputers.
October, 1977 history_photo02.jpgDeveloped and started marketing office computers "JBC System-1". Following year,developed and started marketing Japan's first Kanji processing system"JBC System-1 KANJI".
April, 1982 Introduced Corporate Identity and adopted the new brand name "JBCC" , aiming to enhance its trusted relationship with the customers.
Founded a subsidiary UNICOS Corp., in order to specialize in marketing of optical character readers (OCR).
May, 1982 Developed and marketed a decision support system, "JUSMATE Series".
March, 1983 Established a marketing alliance with IBM Japan, Ltd., and started marketing of "IBM Multi-station 5550".
history_photo03.jpgDeveloped and marketed Japan's first network distributed processing system, "C-200".

Second Phase(1983~)

Strengthened business foundation, through cooperation with IBM Japan, Ltd.

August, 1983 Established a capital and business partnership with IBM Japan, Ltd.
October, 1990 Registered its shares as over-the-counter stock.
April, 1994 Founded JBCC Supply Corp., as a consolidated subsidiary.
November, 1994 Launched marketing of an enduser computing support tool, "WorkFriend".
July, 1998 For strengthening software development capabilities, established JBDK Corp. as a consolidated subsidiary, jointly with a Chinese company.
July, 1999 history_photo04.jpgOpened an operations monitoring center (SMAC).
October, 1999 Listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September, 2000 Listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April, 2001 Acquired stocks of APTi Corp. and turned into a consolidated subsidiary.
November, 2001 Started marketing of "CustomerVision" , an integrated CRM solution.
April, 2002 Established JBTS Corp. and JBSS Corp., as consolidated subsidiaries.
September, 2003 Started marketing of business component type ERP(EnterpriseVision).
October, 2003 Internally implemented an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
December, 2003 Acquired stocks of Central Information Systems Co. Ltd., and turned into a consolidated subsidiary.
January, 2004 Obtained ISO14001 (Yokohama office), and all other offices followed.
April, 2004 Acquired stocks of ICAS Corp., and turned into a consolidated subsidiary.
June, 2004 Acquired stocks of BSC Corp., and turned into a consolidated subsidiary.
August, 2004 Started Horqin desert greening project in China.
November, 2004 Founded JBCC Healthcare Consortium (JBHC).
February, 2005 history_photo05.jpgOpened Solution Competency Center (SLCC), in Kamata Office.
April, 2005 Merged its consolidated subsidiaries, JBTS Corp. and UNICOS Corp., and established JBCC Technical Service Corp.(JBTS).
Merged its consolidated subsidiaries, JBC Supply Corp., ICAS Corp. and BSC Corp., and established Supply Bank Corp.
July, 2005 Started marketing of a Thin Client "Secure Terminal".
October,2005 Started marketing of a medical solution "MedicalVision".
November, 2005 Established "JBCC Company Separation Preparatory Corp." and "Partner Company Separation Preparatory Corp.".
December, 2005 Acquired stocks of NS&I System Service Corp., and transformed into a consolidated subsidiary.

Third Phase(2006~)

Under a holding company framework, further business growth was strived for.

April, 2006 JBCC Holdings Inc. was started as a pure holding company.
The group was named JB Group.
"JBCC Company Separation Preparatory Corp." was renamed as Japan Business Computer Corp. (JBCC).
"Partner Company Separation Preparatory Corp." was renamed iGUAZU Corp. (iGUAZU).
NS&I System Services Corp. was renamed as NSISS Corp.
February, 2007 In addition to East Japan Area, opened SLCC in West Japan Area. To meet business continuation requirements, and to enhance customer support capabilities, established SMAC in Yodogawa-ku of Osaka.
April, 2007 JBCC's Service Business Division became a separate company and was founded under the name JB Service Corp.
JBSS Corp. was renamed as C&C Business Service Corp. (C&CBS).
November, 2007 Acquired stocks of SOLNET Corp.(SOLNET), and turned into a consolidated subsidiary.
March, 2008 JBDK Corp.(JBDK), a consolidated subsidiary, was dissolved.
April, 2008 The software business and the advanced-technology functions of Japan Business Computer Corp. were transferred to APTi Inc.
APTi Inc. was renamed JB Advanced Technology Corp. (JBAT).
October, 2008 iGUAZU Corp. and Supply Bank Corp. were merged, with iGUAZU Corp. as the surviving company.
November, 2008 Founded JBCN (Dalian) Information Technology Co., Ltd., in Dalian, China.
March, 2009 Opened an operations monitoring center (SMAC Dalian), in Dalian, China.
April, 2009 Undertook reorganizations among Japan Business Computer Corp., NSISS Corp., and JB Service Corp.
NSISS Corp. was renamed as JB Enterprise Solution Corp. (JBES).
Acquired stocks of General Business Services Co., Ltd., and turned into a consolidated subsidiary.
July, 2009 Acquired stocks of Reed Rex Co. Ltd., and turned into a consolidated subsidiary.
October, 2009 history_photo06.jpgCloud Integration Center (CLIC) was established, by enhancing the functions of Solution Competency Center (SLCC).
November, 2009 Started marketing of 3D printers.
Founded JBCN (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd.,in Shanghai, China.
February, 2010 Founded JB Partner Solution Corp.(JBPS), as a consolidated subsidiary.
July, 2010 Founded JBCC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (JBTH), as a consolidated subsidiary.
August,2010 Founded JBCN(Guangzhou) as a branch of JBCN(Shanghai).
Juanary,2011 JB Enterprise Solution Corp.(JBES) acquired stocks of KEN System Consulting Co., Ltd.(KSC) and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
February,2011 JB Enterprise Solution Corp.(JBES) acquired stocks of Advanced Application Corp.(AAC) and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
July,2011 Opend a B to B EC website "" specialized in printer supplies.
April,2012 Merged JB Enterprise Solution Corp., which is the surviving company, and Japan Business Computer Corp. absorbing part of the business of JB Service Corp. related to IT infrastructure,and renamed the new company "JBCC Corporation.(JBCC)" Also merged JB Service Corp.(JBS), which is the surviving company, and JBCC Technical Service Corp.
October,2012 history_photo07.jpgiGUAZU opend 3D printer showroom "CUBE",in Shibuya.
January,2013 Founded JBSG PTE. LTD.(JBSG) in Singapore ,as a consolidated subsidiary.
August,2013 Obtained IBM Global certification, and started to provide "JBCC PureFlex Lab. Service".
April,2014 Through management integration, combined JBCC Corp. and Ken System Consulting Co., Ltd. (KSC), maintaining JBCCCorp. (JBCC) as the continuing company.Made a JBCC Corp.'s subsidiary, Advanced Application Corp.(AAC) into a JBCC Holdings Inc.'s subsidiary.
October, 2015 Founded a consortium named "ORENO (My) Cloud Club", to provide the most suitable cloud services to our customers.
November, 2015 Opened CAMSS Center (validation center for business partners).
March,2016 JBCN(Dalian) Information Technology Co.,LTD., a consolidated subsidiary, was dissolved.
June,2016 Changed company structure to have an Audit and Supervisory Committee rather than a Board of Company Auditors.

JBCN(Dalian) Information Technology Co.,LTD., a consolidated subsidiary in China, was liquidated.


Transferred all the shares of iGUAZU Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary, to a fund.


history_photo09.jpgOpened “The History of the JB Group” presentation corner that show the history of the Group since its foundation.