I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued understanding and support of our company and JB Group.

In order to actualize our customers' digital transformation (DX), we have accomplished numerous achievements in the field of "ultra-high-speed development" for the renewal of our customers' core systems. We also offer IT-related services such as cloud computing & security and data linkage that have been tailored to the customers’ environment.
Also, we will consolidate these services as a total service “HARMONIZE” and work together as a group, to provide solutions that are highly valuable to our customers and actualize the customers’ DX.

In the new systematization of HARMONIZE, we have further clarified the direction we aim for as a company. Also, we established a new vision, in order to continue contributing to our customers’ businesses in the future, through our employees’ active involvements and discussions.

Based on our new policy of "Together driving a dynamic society through innovative technologies," we aim to be a corporate group that each and every employee constantly refines our technologies and creates a bright, enjoyable, and dynamic society in which everyone can thrive.

As an IT company, we will continue contributing to society by promoting SDGs initiatives that actualize a sustainable society through our core business in which each employee, essential to the company, thinks on their own.

We look forward to your ongoing interest and support.

JBCC Holdings Inc.
President & CEO
Seiji Higashiue