This page introduces our initiatives for sustainability as a corporation that supports corporate digital transformation (DX).

Basic Policy on Sustainability

JBCC Group is committed to contributing to the realization of sustainable society through our "IT" related business, making full use of our cutting-edge technologies, with the aim of realizing our group vision, “Together driving a dynamic society through innovative technologies."

In addition, we will engage in business activities through dialogue with various stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth and increase our corporate value.

Material Issues and Contribution to the SDGs

In its engagement with stakeholders, JBCC Group considered issues to be addressed and decided to promote the themes of SDGs initiatives from the perspectives of technology, human resources, and environment, as well as the management foundation that supports them, and identified four material issues (materiality).

By focusing on these material issues, we aim to realize a sustainable society through our business.


Environment (E)

●JBCC group environmental policy
As a comprehensive IT services company that supports corporate digital transformation, JBCC Group aims to work with its customers to create a sustainable society.
We will strive to protect and improve the global environment by promoting SDGs initiatives in which each employee thinks on his or her own and achieves a sustainable society.
We are also maintaining ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems, in order to carry out our initiatives on a sustainable basis.

●Initiatives through business activities
In order to solve customers' management and IT utilization issues, we combine various solutions and introduce and deploy them within JBCC Group as a model case.
In addition to making concrete proposals to customers with similar problems, we aim to solve social problems.

We actively promote telework so that individual employees can have a work-life balance and also be able to work flexibly by making use of their skills, and we propose the total use of new IT that transforms work styles and business by utilizing the know-how gained through actual implementation and operation, as well as the comprehensive strengths of the Group.

Examples of In-House case
Qanat Universe, our proprietary solution, solves challenges relating to telework.
JBCC Group Business Center automates the flow of work performed on a paper basis, including the processing of 900 invoices every month to reduce paper consumption.

One of the reasons why teleworking has not spread is the processing of "paper" business documents and vouchers. The JBCC Group Business Center also had issues with paper-based business processing, such as paper invoices received from suppliers and delivery date response forms sent by fax. We have automated paper and fax-based workflows such as invoice processing. In addition, by utilizing our own solution, Qanat Universe, and linking it to an application in the cloud, we have created an environment that can be handled from anywhere, including telework.

Other Activities
・Special repair service when disaster occurred
・Collecting used printer toner cartridges

Realization of a Dynamic and Vibrant Society (S)

●Our New Work Style "Style J"
"Style J" is a generic term for comprehensive personnel measures of JBCC Group that promote a variety of work styles of our employees.
We are advancing the development of various environments so that diverse human resources can maximize their abilities regardless of time, place, age or organization by choosing or creating a variety of work styles themselves.

●Realization of diversity
JBCC Group values individual human resources with various personalities, abilities, and knowledge, respects their diversity, and promotes them based on the belief that they can realize employee growth and maximize their potential by fostering voluntary learning to tackle new issues, think, and act on their own.

●Human Resource Development
JBCC Group's Human Resource Development Policy is to "develop human resources who think and act on their own toward the direction that JBCC Group is aiming for."
We are striving to create an environment in which employees can work with enthusiasm by respecting results and taking into account qualitative and quantitative evaluations rather than working hours. We are also promoting efforts to develop human resources who can think and act on their own as professionals.

●Fair Business
In order to ensure fair business transactions with customers and other business partners, JBCC Group has established the "JBCC Group Code of Conduct" (Chapter VII. Business Activities). Based on the Code, we have established matters to be kept in mind in various aspects of business activities, and promotes the sound relationships with customers and business partners.

Governance Structure and Practice (G)

●Code of Conduct

Please see Code of Conduct page.

●Corporate Governance

Please see Corporate Governance page.

We are preparing to issue our first Integrated Report by the end of 2022 to disclose financial and non-financial information of JBCC Group to stakeholders.